We are unique in the world of skincare. We are a small batch distillery making natural scents, creams, aromatic waters and balms from flowers, bark, leaves, roots, blossom and moss that we grow or pick wild in the fields, mountains and gardens that we love in Sussex, Cyprus and Scotland. 

Our business has grown from a particular way of being, of gathering and noticing. It’s a slow, meditative process, a precise art that has been passed from hand-to-hand drawing on the alchemy of intuition and the wisdom of generations of healers, travelers and makers. 

We like to think that each small pot carries something subtly transformative - a vitality that comes from working with the seasons and harvesting by hand at just the right time; each one has the defining characteristics of a particular harvest, a singular moment.

It’s important to us to really understand the language of smell and sensation. Scent is immediate, arresting, elusive and comforting. Like music, the notes of a scent, evoke memory, pull us back to particular places and speak to our emotions. We think that the best products capture the vitality and spirit of place within them. So many of us are separated from nature - our own nature and the rhythms of the natural world. For us, it’s all about the plants, community, environment and an appreciation of the inter-connectedness of us all. We hope that our products have a subtle, nurturing influence on body, mind and spirit and that everything that we make is a gentle catalyst for reconnection.

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...if I was told I could only have one skincare product for the rest of my life - this would be it - Facial Serum #3.
— Priya
Your products play a double role: not only does my skin feel happy but also there is the pleasure of being able to take time and connect with myself. There is something magical there :-)
— Gosia Wysocka
I purchased a few products from the A.S APOTHECARY range a few weeks back now and have been so impressed by the formulations. The lip balms are lovely and light yet very nourishing and they smell beautiful. Since purchasing the Rejuvenating and Vibrant face cream I have seen a visible difference in the clarity of my skin. It also smells divine which is always a bonus. This is a lovely and truly natural range which is a joy to use
— Helen Walter
I had a major bout of retail therapy this week, including some of this new skin care range – face cream, all 3 body butters (!!!!!), cleansing oil and lip balm and I absolutely adore them. They are very moisturising with very natural scents. Just a few drops of cleansing oil used with the cloth really does remove make-up as well, if not better, than any other cleanser I have used. Wonderful products.
— Fiona King