The Treatment Room



Our beautiful, tranquil treatment room is snugly tucked away at the back of the Lewes store and we host a superb range of exceptional therapists offering a wide range of holistic treatments, all listed below.

The A.S.APOTHECARY Signature MEADOW Facial

The A.S.APOTHECARY philosophy is as much about taking a moment to indulge the self as it is about exceptional, nourishing, plant based skin care.  We are delighted to offer our customers a luxury signature facial experience, where they can also sample all of our favourite and beautifully scented A.S.APOTHECARY products to feed, restore, soften and rejuvenate the skin. 

These bespoke, holistic facials are with in-house green beauty experts Lisa, Tara and Bell and take place in our tranquil treatment room where you can lie back on a deliciously comfortable massage bed and let go for an hour.

Each facial is unique and tailored to your individual skin concerns. This deeply relaxing experience will see you floating out of the door with a calm mind and radiant glow. 

To book please phone the shop on 01273 253186

The following therapists are available, We cherry pick our therapists for their experience, passion for holistic health, and their gentle and empathic manner. To book please contact therapists directly. 

Sarah Buldum

Sarah Buldum

Sarah ROSE buldum | 07866 691097

Acupuncture First appointment £60 | Follow-up appointments £45  Facial rejuvenation (cosmetic acupuncture) £130 1.5 hour treatment - 12 treatments recommended

I have been specialising in women’s health, fertility, pregnancy and post-birth issues for 9 years. I use an integrative approach to health and well-being, using Acupuncture, Tuina ('twee-na' - Chinese massage therapy) as well as lifestyle and dietary advice in order to treat you as a whole, on a physical emotional and mental level. Acupuncture views the person as a landscape, mapping the mind and body: taking into account seemingly unrelated symptoms, health history and general constitution to create an in-depth Chinese Medicine pattern diagnosis and bespoke treatment plan - targeting the root of the problem whilst addressing the branch symptoms. Acupuncture is a wonderful tool for removing these ingrained patterns layer by layer bringing your body back into alignment and health. 

Facial Rejuvenation is a gentle and natural anti-aging practice to enhance beauty and wellbeing. The treatment is used to encourage collagen production, soften lines and wrinkles, lift sagging, increase firmness and tone. Acupuncture also treats your bodies internal imbalances leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated and revitalised


Eleanor Darley

Eleanor Darley

ELEANOR DARLEY, massage therapist, artist and art counsellor MCGI CAHSC | 07890496556

Massage & Healing with Flowers 90 minutes | £75

Come for a beautiful healing massage that incorporates the Mexican traditions of using flowers over the body to bring positivity and return harmony. I offer a full body deep tissue massage using fresh flowers, flower oils and the organic wild crafted products from A.S Apothecary, which will bring warmth and energy, lightness and strength to your whole being. In addition I work with the flower essences and your treatment will incorporate finding a flower remedy specific to your needs right now. I have worked with the Mexican healing traditions for 14 years, beautiful strong healing methods with a deep connection to nature. I'm also an art therapist specialising in working with flowers and plants.

Bring a bunch of flowers you feel drawn to, and a white candle for your treatment.

Wendy Spencer

Wendy Spencer

wendy spencer | 07905 445585

Aromatherapy Massage Full body aromatherapy massage using A.S. APOTHECARY products - £60/hour  £75/90 minutes

I offer a deeply rejuvenating 90 minute full body Aromatherapy Massage treatment using ethically sourced organic and wild crafted essential oils. Therapeutic aromatherapy massage combines the profound benefit and nourishment of touch and therapeutic effect of the essential oils. I am fascinated with the unconscious transformative power of smell and deeply respect the power of essentials oils.  I believe they can be understood more fully as ‘molecules of connection’, bridging our relationship between the natural world and the sensuality of being human. In a respectful, intimate and safe space I offer you the chance to pause and reconnect with your body and inner stillness.  I work alongside the rich intelligence of the body,  with a flowing rhythmic massage that brings balance to your whole being. I am also an advanced certified specialist in aromatherapy in pregnancy and menopause, and can help to a support a woman’s journey from conception to birth as well as easing the impact of hormonal changes in a woman’s later life cycles and seasons. I graduated from the widely respected Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA, Regents University, London) in 2010, and later worked as a practitioner educator.  I am a member of International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists. My integrated approach to wellbeing is strongly informed by my teaching practice in the therapeutic healing modalities of Aromatherapy, Massage, Hatha Yoga and my personal practise of 5Rhythms and movement meditation.  I love walking my Lurcher dog Peggy Sioux along the coastal paths of the South Downs and building dens with my son.