photograph Susan Bell

photograph Susan Bell


We approach the plants we use with the lightest touch and the greatest respect, they are so much more than just an ingredient. The beauty of being a small batch distiller is the ability to select for small scale production. We can look at each flower and choose only the ones that are entirely perfect...and we do. It's rather like running a vineyard but only taking the few perfect grapes from each bunch. This approach to production imbues each little pot with the love, care and attention few cosmetics receive.

This is how we work with our beautiful roses...

We pick on a warm June day and put the roses on greaseproof paper to dry, every day we turn the roses by hand to ensure even drying. On distilling day we pick final fresh baskets of petals and mix together the dry and fresh. The retort (the big copper pot) is filled with about 200 litres of water and then the column is put on top and filled with more petals. The domed top is added and the burner placed underneath. Finally the condenser is attached and the distillation begins. It is a very slow, gentle process starting early in the morning and finishing late at night. The flower water slowly drips into the glass separator resulting in flower water in one bottle and the incredibly precious essential oil in the other. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away - it is simply perfect.


We regard our ethical standpoint as pivotal to who we are as a company.

We never test on animals or deal with anybody who does. All our products with the exception of our balms are vegan. The beeswax and honey we use in our balms comes from the bees on the organic farm where we grow our plants - they have 80 acres of organic land to forage, we deliberately plant flowers that provide wonderful nectar for them from early in the year.

Our ingredients are organic - this is very important to us. Our products are not registered as organic by any specific body, this is because wild crafted plants such as those we collect in Cyprus or on the Isle of Harris in Scotland are not covered by organic certifying bodies. Ironically many of our ingredients that could not be more untouched and wild, free from any human management are excluded from certification and so therefore are we. 

We do not waste packaging - our bottles and jars do not have an outer cardboard box because it creates unnecessary waste both in terms of extra printing and packaging. We re-use all the boxes and packaging material that our supplies are delivered in. 

Our product jars and bottles are small, this is because none of our products has a single unnecessary ingredient - they are rich and potent and only need a very small application to work wonders - there are no fillers or ingredients to facilitate factory production - everything is hand made.

We are committed to small batch production not because it is a stepping stone to large factory production but because we know that products made by hand, mindfully and carefully are simply better - our products are pure plant botanicals made by real women who care.

We don't scan the internet looking for products to copy from other producers - we think about what women and men need to have healthy, beautiful skin and then we forage, grow or source from our friends the right set of plants - we are about harnessing the power of the right plant for your skin.

We are open and transparent - we love to have visitors (although they are usually put to work!) We especially love visitors who come bearing biscuits.