Top ten green beauty and wellness travel essentials

For many of us, the holiday starts at the airport and whilst it's true that a large part of the fun, adventure and anticipation is to be had in the journey, any long stretch of travelling will have its impact on your system. Skin dehydration, fatigue, jet lag, boredom, swollen joints, stiffness, stress and anxiety are just some of the challenges many of us face, whether confined to a car, train or plane for hours on end. However, there are some things you can do to help, green beauty expert Ellie Gill and A.S.APOTHECARY’s Tara Gould offer their top tips for a restful and enjoyable journey. 

1.  Water, water, everywhere…

High altitude, and an atmosphere of pumped oxygen will dry the skin and generally dehydrate,  so make sure you rehydrate by drinking a litre of water every four hours (about one glass every hour).  Drench the face frequently with a natural spritz or flower water. A.S.APOTHECARY Sussex Rose Aromatic Water will refresh the spirit and quench the epidermis and includes natural rose oils which cool the skin. The bottles are cabin friendly too in 50ml bottles. You can make a DIY version with an atomiser bottle, some mineral water and a few drops of Lavender oil. The oil will sit on top of the water and so it needs a good shake every time you spritz.



2. Clean, Bare and Nourished Skin

Best advice is to travel make-up free. Any toxins on the skin from chemicals in cosmetics can cause breakouts and intensify dryness. Cleanse the skin well and apply a good natural moisturiser, reapplying throughout the journey. We recommend A.S.APOTHECARY Face Cream #3 which contains Frankincense, Labdanum, Rose and Myrrh for a deeply nourishing and restorative skin feed with protection from free radicals. To keep your luggage light it’s good advice to pack a multi-purpose beauty balm that will cover a number of bases. Our A.S.APOTHECARY Wild Beauty Balm Concentrate is packed with 16 powerfully healing oils to deeply nourish, soften, protect and hydrate the skin on the face and body and botanicals to uplift emotions and ease anxiety. It is also superb as an after-sun, a lip balm,  and because it contains Sweet Gale oil it naturally helps to repel Mosquitoes.  

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3. Natural Valium

Stress creeps up by stealth during a day of travelling, and whether it's a fear of flying, jet lag, travel delays or squabbling children, with time on your hands, enclosed in a car, carriage or cabin, mindful breathing is an effective way to unwind. Insight Timer is a free meditation app with thousands of guided meditations to choose from. Additionally, rub a calming balm such as A.S.APOTHECARY Calm & Tranquil on the wrists and temples.  If flying makes you nervous, pack a small pot of homeopathic remedies to treat anxiety such as AAA in a 30c, it's an excellent combination to be taken before, during and just after travel. It's available from Helios  here -

4. The power of touch

A little self-massage can work wonders on a long journey. To release neck and shoulder tension, take a dab of a botanical balm, such as our own Calm & Tranquil or Wild beauty Balm and use long firm strokes along the trapezius muscles from the shoulder to the base of the skull.  To reduce anxiety, headaches, nausea, indigestion, muscle tension and body heat, the Hand Valley Point is a cure-all acupressure spot in between your thumb and index finger, massage with medium pressure at intervals. 

5. Slumber accessories

Sleeping on a plane isn’t easy at the best of times. Restricted by your seat and an upright posture, snatching a few Zs can be a challenge. A good travel pillow and an eye mask can make a huge difference.  Light signals can inhibit the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for making you drowsy,  so a complete blackout is important.  We love these organic handmade cotton masks on Etsy, and these organic buckwheat filled travel pillows. 

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6. Good reads

A compelling and inspiring book is a must on a long journey.  Research novels and travel tomes set in the country you're travelling to, it will deepen your cultural experience when you get there. For inspiring books on Travel, Tara recommends Alain de Botton's The Art of Travel, The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner, and Wild by Cheryl Strayed. 

7.  Stretch and twist

Sitting in one position for hours can cause aches, pains, and inflammation. There are a  number of simplified yoga postures you can do while sitting in a car (as a passenger) or plane. If you're driving, make sure you do a few twists and stretches with each snack/toilet stop.  This article offers a list of stretches for men and women that can be easily performed in a confined space without drawing too much attention to yourself!

8. Lip love

Like the rest of you, your lips are prone to dehydration on long journeys especially during flights. Most of the lip balms on the market use a petroleum jelly base which is super nasty on a number of levels: it is derived from the leftovers of oil refining, does not actually nourish the skin but sits on it, and has been found to cause tumours in animals. Look for a Coconut oil,  Shea butter or Beaswax base. Our Lip Balm #9 is made from Almond oil, Shea butter and Beeswax and includes Honey, Rose Geranium and Myrrh to soften, repair and hydrate the lips.  Chuck a natural lipstick into your transparent resealable bag to brighten yourself up on arrival.  Ellie recommends the double purpose, moisturising RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek, in colours for all seasons and complexions, plus it mixes really well with our lip balms!  



9.  Tinted Moisturiser with Sunscreen

A natural tinted moisturiser with SPF will brighten and rehydrate your skin after a long journey, reduce dark circles and also protect from heat and sun on arrival.  Ellie recommends Green People's Organic Age Defy Tinted Moisturiser with Sea Fennel, Shea butter and earth pigments. It also blends really well with A.S.APOTHECARY Face Cream #3 for a lighter finish. 


10.  Natural breath fresheners

It's always nice to have some sweets to suck on during long journeys, and mints freshen stale breath. But most contain chemicals and sweeteners which are bad for your mood and your teeth. These natural, breath freshening mints do not contain any high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours and are perfect for minimising the ear popping discomfort of air pressure. Produced using organic tapioca syrup, the mints come in four flavours, PepperMint, Wintergreen, GingerMint and Cinnamon.


Wherever you go this year, we hope you enjoy your adventures. Let us know if you have any top tips for long journeys, we'd love to hear from you. 

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