An evening of gins, lists and extraordinary women

Elisabeth & Gerry dressed up in Paris.jpg

We are delighted to be hosting this very special event with Lulah Ellender, author of Elisabeth's Lists: A family story on June 8th 7.30pm at the A.S.APOTHECARY shop in Lewes.

Lulah's book tells the story of her long-lost grandmother's life, through a book of handwritten lists she left behind. On the face of it, Elisabeth's lists seemed rather ordinary - shopping lists, items to be packed for a foreign trip, a tally of the eggs laid by her hens. But from these everyday fragments, Lulah began to weave together the extraordinary life of the grandmother she never knew - a life lived in the most rarefied and glamorous of circles, from Elisabeth's early years as an ambassador's daughter in 1930s China, to her marriage to a British diplomat and postings in Madrid under Franco's regime, post-war Beirut, Rio de Janeiro and Paris. But it was also a life of stark contrasts - between the opulent excess of embassy banquets and the deprivations of wartime rationing in England, between the unfailing charm she displayed in public and the dark depressions that blanketed her in private, between her great appetite for life and her sudden, early death.

Inspired by Elisabeth's nomadic life, we are creating bespoke botanical drinks and aromatics that will evoke the tastes and aromas of each of these exotic locations. Lulah will read passages from her book to give you a flavour of the sights and sounds of each place, as well as reading from the lists Elisabeth made in each country. We want to take you on a sensory journey in homage not just to Elisabeth but to all the brilliant women we know and have loved. 

Copies of Lulah's book will be available to purchase on the evening (cash only). Tickets are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Please indicate if you would like non-alcoholic drinks on the evening.

£20 per head, five botanical cocktails to accompany the event are included in the ticket price. 

To book your ticket please go to our Courses and Events page: