Makers 4 Refugees Week

Initiated by Pip Wilcox, Makers 4 Refugees is a simple project founded on a desire to make a difference through making.  This wonderful endeavour focuses on the power of coming together to give our making extra meaning and purpose by raising funds to support some of the people currently living through such desperate times.

In total 40+ global Makers across a variety of disciplines have been selling and auctioning work with ALL of the proceeds going to the refugee charity, Help Refugees.

We are thrilled to be involved, and starting on the morning of Monday July 17th we will be selling A.S.APOTHECARY products and gifts through a daily auction on our Instagram account @asapoth. 

You can find out more via the following information: 

Fundraising page:

General info:
Makers4Refugees Instagram:
Our Instagram: @asapoth. Look for the hashtag #makers4refugees

Remember - bidding starts on Monday, but we've made a list of all the goodies we you can bid for below. There will be a reserve price and post and packaging will be added to the final bid so we can send you your items. It's all a lot easier than it sounds though, just check our Instagram account (@asapoth) and place your bid in the comments, and we will take it from there. If you win, we'll let you know where to donate within 24 hours of the end of the auction.  Thank you! 

Monday 17th

Tuesday 18th

Makers 4 Refugees

Wednesday 19th July

Thursday 20th July

Friday 21st July

Charity Auction: Makers4Refugees

To give an idea of how your donations will help, here's a breakdown:

        • a meal for one person in Athens - 25p
        • a mosquito net for a family's tent in Greece - £10
        • a pair of sturdy, comfortable shoes - £15
        • baby milk for one baby, for a week - £20
        • a buggy and cot - £25
        • a warm sleeping bag - £30
        • a refillable fire extinguisher - £35
        • the cost of a bread-maker and the ingredients for one person to make their own bread - £65 for the machine, 75p for ingredients for one person for the month
        • to support an unaccompanied child to live with a Greek family for a month - £400
        • fresh fruit and vegetables for 1 camp on average for 1 month - £2500
        • running a mobile sexual reproductive health clinic for a month - £5500
        • a rescue boat on the water for 30 days - £23,000