Face Cream #5


Face Cream #5


Soothing and Restorative


to soothe, condition and promote elasticity - an absolute treat for normal to dry skin


massage a small amount into the skin after cleansing with the A.S APOTHECARY Cleansing oil and cleansing cloth.

we expect a 30ml pot to last for 2 months

to ensure that you don't run out of cream, you can opt for an annual subscription - we'll send you a pot a month for 12 months at a discount of 15%


Ingredients: Pear Tree Well Spring water Aqua Olive oil Olea Europaea Olive Emulsifying Wax Cetearyl Olivate Sorbitan Olivate Vegetable Glycerine Glycerin Vitamin E Tocopheryl Acetate Eco Preservative Benzyl Alcohol Salicylic Acid Sorbic Acid Essential oils: Rose Rosa damascena Bergamot Citrus bergamia Labdanum Cistus ladaniferus Clary Sage Salvia sclarea Benzoin Styrax benzoin


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#5 is restorative and comforting with a delicious richness that lingers on the skin. This cream is subtly uplifting – a lovely combination of warmth and freshness.

We chose Bergamot to lift the spirits and Labdanum to soothe dry, damaged skin and to convey the earthy warmth of its dry, herby, musky scent. Both Clary Sage and Benzoin promote relaxation. Clary Sage is there to enliven, stimulate and regenerate the skin. Benzoin will help reduce redness and improve elasticity.

Rose refreshes the soul, cools the skin and has excellent emollient and hydrating properties making this an ideal cream for mature or sensitive skins. Olive oil is included for its reputed regenerative, soothing, non-allergenic healing properties.

#5 is a lovely combination of English blossom and Middle Eastern earthiness that will reliably reinstate balance and always evoke comfort and quiet care.