A.S Apothecary Raw Honey

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A.S Apothecary Raw Honey


Our Raw Honey complements and enhances some of the most popular products in our skincare range. A.S.APOTHECARY Raw Honey is produced from 250 apiaries spread across rural East Sussex. It is sustainably sourced and contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals that support optimum skin health. Most honey is flash heated at 60 degrees and highly filtered, which destroys many of its nutrients. Our honey is raw, unblended and unheated so it remains nutrient and pollen rich.

Used in tandem with the A.S.APOTHECARY Wild Beauty Balm or the Bio Mineral Powder it creates a deeply cleansing and nourishing skin treatment.

The result is a wonderful blend of botanical and bioactive molecules that naturally and powerfully feed, heal and protect the skin.


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Benefits for the Skin

Our raw honey’s antimicrobial properties help to heal and cleanse the skin and balance bacteria. It is an effective emollient so it softens the skin too and its humectant properties lock in moisture and keep skin hydrated. Raw honey is powerfully anti-inflammatory, while high levels of antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals.  

A.S.APOTHECARY Raw Honey enhances the moisturising benefits of our plant rich Wild Beauty Balm, and help to brighten and plump the skin. When used with our Bio Active Mineral Powder this special blend thoroughly sloughs off old skin and feeds and restores the skin.  

How to use

For a cleansing, regenerative and exfoliating face mask mix one teaspoon of our A.S.APOTHECARY honey with A.S.APOTHECARY Bio Active Mineral Powder. Pat and gently roll onto freshly cleansed skin. Do not rub. Remove gently with warm water and a cloth. Honey, though sticky, washes off easily, dissolving on contact with warm water. 

For a soothing, hydrating and exceptionally luxurious face mask that leaves skin glowing and smooth, mix one teaspoon of our A.S.APOTHECARY honey with A.S.APOTHECARY Wild Beauty Balm and massage into the skin for a few minutes. Leave on for a minimum of five minutes. Rinse with warm water and a cloth.   

Ideally douse the skin with A.S.APOTHECARY Rose Facial Toner to refresh and hydrate and then apply A.S.APOTHECARY Face Cream or an extra dab of Wild Beauty Balm.