The A.S.APOTHECARY Meadow spa facial

Our unique signature beauty treatment, The A.S.APOTHE CARY Meadow Spa Facial is an exceptional, world class Spa Facial unlike anything you will have experienced before.  

This treatment is so much more than just a facial; it is a ‘whole-being’ treatment that restores the spirit and transforms the skin, without the need for aggressive chemicals or artificial processes.

Combining plants, advanced massage techniques, botanical skincare, meditation and holistic healing with specially commissioned tools and music, these exclusive treatments embody a person centered, holistic and process oriented approach to slow beauty and skin care. The result is glowing healthy skin, and a radiance that comes from within.

We commissioned International whole body facialist Fiona Harlowe to help us create this treatment because we wanted to offer something truly transformative. Experienced practitioners are trained in the specially designed massage techniques and A.S.APOTHECARY plant based products.  During the course of the facial, therapists connect with the client through their hands and their heart, leading them on a deeply healing journey. 

Inspired by landscape and nature, each A.S.APOTHECARY Meadow Spa Facial provides a rooted framework within which to realign, reconnect and rediscover your authentic and true beauty.

A. S. APOTHECARY products capture the life force of the plants, which, unlike synthetics, are recognised by the body and absorbed and metabolised with ease. Combined with therapeutic massage techniques, these plant nutrients encourage the natural healing systems of the body to activate.

“The Meadow Facial is unique, using our very best products, through a series of specially designed movements, we create perfect flow and balance. Our tools are handmade for us from Harris anorthosite, the oldest rock on the moon. This facial makes the skin radiant, healthy and firm and the mind soothed and calm. Our Meadow Facial has its own commissioned music to reflect the landscapes from where we grow and harvest our plants. It is truly an immersive whole body facial.” A.J.SAURIN

About our Therapists

Lisa Barrett and Tara Gould. Our wonderful A.S.APOTHECARY Meadow Spa Holistic Facial Therapists

Lisa Barrett and Tara Gould. Our wonderful A.S.APOTHECARY Meadow Spa Holistic Facial Therapists

Lisa Barrett is an experienced holistic massage therapist, who brings her nurturing, calm energy to the new meadow facials. She has an in-depth  understanding of the A.S APOTHECARY ethos and products and a passion for natural skin care, ensuring a healing and mindful touch in her treatment. “I am thrilled to be able to offer this ground breaking holistic facial. The treatment shifts and releases stagnant energy which accumulates in the skin, muscles and bones of the face, which affects the body’s systems rebalancing and restoring inner glow and tranquility in the client.”

Tara Gould is an experienced practitioner in mindfulness and Indian Head Massage. She is also trained in holisitc facials and brings her thoughtful energy and perception to the meadow facials. Understanding the products with such clarity and appreciating the philosophy that underpins the meadow facial, Tara is an exceptional practitioner effortlessly bring together the theory and practice for the benefit of every client. We are delighted to welcome her to the therapy team.

About our tools

We use stones and facial tools made from a rare and special Anorthosite rock, found on Harris and amazingly, the moon. Each stone is billions of years old contains unique forms, energies and layers of beauty. It is a form of granite and the cut rock is sanded and polished until it is silken and takes on the whites and cream of bone, the weight and coolness of stone. These specially commissioned tools are both calming and grounding and we use them for lymphatic drainage, to reduce puffiness and calm heat.

About our soundscape

We commissioned composer Bjorn Ballie to create the music for our Meadow Spa Facial to deepen the immersive experience of total relaxation for the client. Bjorn’s company, Mining Music specialise in original and bespoke sound and help some of the biggest brands tell their stories with their soundtracks. For us, Bjorn created a calming, enchanting and nurturing sound journey reflecting the beautiful natural landscapes and plants that inform the A.S.APOTHECARY story.

About our Products

The Meadow Spa Facial includes a bespoke consultation on the use of our plant products for the optimum health of your particular skin type. We recommend you continue to use our skincare range after your treatment as it can take up to six weeks for your skin to detox from more synthetic brands you may have been using before. After a 3 to 6 week period you will really start to see the benefits in your skin tone and complexion, of using toxin free, plant potent creams, cleansers and balms.

A.S.APOTHECARY Meadow Spa Facials are available with therapists Tara Gould, Bell Saurin and Lisa Barret in the tranquil A.S.APOTHECARY Treatment room in Lewes. Tel. 01273 253186 for more information or to book.

90 mins £130 60 mins £78

Extras - foot spa and massage £20