Fierce Botanic Apothecary Tonic no1

Fierce Botanic Apothecary Tonic no1


We are immensly proud to announce our sister company Fierce Botanics  - we intend to change the drinks industry one drink at a time. We've started with a proper Apothecary Tonic no1 which we are making organically from scratch in small batches as you might expect. With two hundred Roses, access to fresh Cinchona Bark, Spruce and Fir and three rather beautiful bitter ingredients the taste is complex dry and earthy with tannins. It’s a hybrid, perfect on its own as an adult non-alcoholic drink, but also delicious with Gin, Vodka and White Wine. It's available for sale now..join us · drink the wild







Isle of Harris Distillery

The Isle of Harris Distillery is a new venture for the island, instigated by the musicologist Anderson Bakewell- Stone. The ethos pervading the distillery represents something completely new in the whisky industry, it is founded on the idea that this is a social distillery and everything must be for, with or from Harris. 

We were invited to create a collection of products using Harris plants. We were completely entranced by a trip to Harris to collect botanicals working with a group of local women and their children who will form part of the foraging team. The botanicals we collected have been distilled, macerated, tinctured and generally admired and we are now well underway with the range. It is available only from the Isle of Harris Distillery either in the shop or on the website HERE. You can read more about the project on the Features page HERE.

 Collected where the sea and rocks collide

Collected where the sea and rocks collide


Glyndebourne Opera House

 Rosa Glyndebourne picked and ready for drying

Rosa Glyndebourne picked and ready for drying

We love to collaborate and create bespoke products using botanicals that are unusual or special and so, it was with some joy that we began to work with Glyndebourne Opera House. Harkness Roses have bred Rosa Glyndebourne and it is an absolute gem - free flowering and beautifully scented. We pick the roses, distil them for rosewater and use that to make a rich, bubbly, entirely natural soap. We also make a completely delicious lip balm. Both are available in the Glyndebourne shop or online



Michael and I share a passion for plants, he is inspired to produce exquisite drinks that capture the essence and vitality of plants whilst I harness their therapeutic benefits in every aspect of the skincare I make. Together we talk, debate and exchange ideas about every aspect of plants from their medicinal properties to their scent and flavour. What we do are two halves of the same coin differently interpreted. Michael volunteers labour out at the farm and in exchange we grow some of the plants he needs for his wonderful practice. In 2014, amongst other things, we grew Artemesia absinthum  and Californian poppies for him. We wild collected Yarrow and Hypericum from the farm and marvelled at the extent of the herbs growing in abundance. The Californian poppies appeared later in a beautiful calming infusion. We treasure our working relationship and look forward to many years of plant based experiments...

His company is The Herball inspired by John Gerard’s 1597 Generall Historie of Plants. The Herball is dedicated to sharing and presenting ways in which we can integrate the power, beauty and joy of the plants around us into our everyday lives. 



At the A.S APOTHECARY workshop, we love a good, full-bodied loose leaf tea. The aromatics of tea can be as complex as perfume and the terroir is critical to the leaf in exactly the same way that our oils are affected by the climate, soil and landscape at the farm. Pauline Maniere, tea mistress and owner of VRAC in Lewes contacted us about a collaboration using her tea. We decided on a soap and Pauline suggested that we use her Early Grey tea as the base. This tea is unlike any other Earl Grey we have smelled or tasted, it is so rich and aromatic with Bergamot notes and a warm, earthy perfume. To get the very best from the leaves, we ground some of them up and mixed them into the soap to give it a speckled appearance and also made an incredibly strong tisane of the remaining leaves. The soap is made of olive oil with a little coconut oil added to offer a more bubbly finish. It has a good lathering feel and a creaminess that comes from the olive oil. The perfume is subtle but lingering.


New for Spring 2016 we have once again collaborated with Pauline to produce an exciting new soap - this time we used a beautiful fragrant Ginger and Lemongrass tea with a delicious subtle taste and warmth. To this we added a little of a ginger essential oil supplied by Turkish friends and Lemon oil pressed for us in Cyprus. The result is a wonderfully fragrant soap with a gentle ginger note and a wonderfully uplifting citrus top note. Quite lovely at any time of the day.  It is available on the VRAC website