Twigs Moss Mud - A Visit to Sussex Artist Linda Felcey

Linda Felcey is a fine artist whose paintings and prints explore an intimate and shifting connection with environment, nature and the impact of the seasons on a rural Sussex landscape. Linda’s exhibition ‘Deluge’ will be showing in the A.S.APOTHECARY shop in Lewes from 30th November until 28th February.  Tara Gould visited Linda in her studio, a shepherd’s hut at the foot of the South Down, to find out more about her work process.

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Cammie Toloui - Street Photographer & Therapist

Part of our ethos at A.S.APOTHECARY is to support and champion the work of our friends and colleagues in the local community, especially women. Here, Tara Gould interviews the wonderful Cammie Toloui – mother, artist, altruist, cat lover, therapist and American living in Lewes. Cammie enjoyed a stint with our all female Asapoth team in Lewes and we loved her soulful, fun and open hearted presence. To this end, we wanted to celebrate her amazing work and colourful career to date in this blog post.

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Is your Lip Balm Poisoning you?

The skin on your lips is thinner than other places on your body, only three layers compared to 16 on your face, which is why it is so crucially important that they are cared for, protected and not covered with noxious substances. In this article, Tara Gould looks at how your trusted lip balm could be a danger to your health.

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The Benefits of a Holistic Facial for Mature Skin

In this blog post, Tara Gould reviews her recent bespoke facial with our In-House therapist Ellie Gill

‘When was the last time you had a facial?’ Ellie asked as I settled back into the therapy couch in the A.S.APOTHECARY Treatment Room.

I mentally scanned back through the months, the years, the decades.

‘It must have been at least ten years ago, and only because it was a gift from a friend.’

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Top ten green beauty and wellness travel essentials

While it’s true that the holiday starts at the airport and that a big part of the fun and anticipation is in the journey, any long haul stretch of travelling will have its impact on your system. Skin dehydration, fatigue, jet lag, swollen joints, stiffness, stress and anxiety are just some of the challenges many of us face, whether confined to a car, train or plane for hours on end. Green beauty expert Ellie Gill and A.S.APOTHECARY’s Tara Gould offer their top tips for a restful and enjoyable journey. 

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The Importance of Night Nourishment for Mature Male and Female Skin

Natural atrophy, gravity, exposure to sun, weather and toxins are factors that damage and age male and female skin equally. There are many misconceptions about how men and women age, but it is often more a case of how they are permitted to age. For too long myths have been propagated by a society and its media machine that is tolerant and supportive of male maturity while being intolerant and critical of the same natural processes in women…

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