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Hydrating and Radiant

to balance, regenerate, soften and enhance even the most mature skin


after bathing when the skin is still warm, take a little of the butter and massage into the skin. You only need to use a little as it goes a very long way. 

we would expect a 60ml pot to last for 2 months


Ingredients: Shea butter Butyrospemum parkii Coconut oil Cocos nucifera Jojoba oil Simmondsia chinensis Almond oil Prunus amygdalus dulcis Vitamin E Tocopheryl acetate Essential oils: Rose Rosa damascena Frankincense Boswelia carteri Labdanum Cistus ladaniferus Cedarwood Cedrus atlantica Myrrh Commifora myrrha Orange Citrus sinensis Benzoin Styrax benzoin


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#3 Body Butter is made to profoundly nourish and enhance the appearance of your skin. Its texture is luxurious and tempting and its properties, rich and exceptional. Shea butter is intensely healing especially when combined with the rehydrating, suppleness and softening effects of Coconut oil. Almond oil is a non-greasy, intense moisturiser. And to deeply soothe the skin, we chose Jojoba oil.

With a scent full of herbs, woody resinous notes and honest sensuality #3 body butter offers comfort and soothes anxiety. It’s full of essential oils known for their long history of tissue repair, for soothing inflammation and promoting elasticity. Turkish rose will cool. Sweet Orange, distilled in Cyprus, will lift the spirits and act as an anti-inflammatory. So will Labdanum with its musky depth and binding warmth. For relaxation and to calm irritation, we added the almost-vanilla scented Benzoin. To soothe tension we chose sweet, warm, camphorous Cedarwood. Frankincense brightens the skin and soothes the mind. And spicy, balsamic Myrrh is added to promote tissue repair, clear toxins and reduce wrinkles.

Our #3 Body Butter will balance, regenerate, soften and enhance even the most mature, sensitive skin.