The Wholehearted Business Series

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The Wholehearted Business Series


A series of workshops for freelancers and micro business owners

April 7th, April 25th and June 18th.

How can you make money out of doing what you love?

What does it mean to grow your business from the heart? 

How can you weave your passion and values through every area of your brand?

What are the stories that reveal the unique character of your service or product?

 These three bespoke workshops are designed to support, inform and inspire if you are thinking of starting a business from the thing you love, or if you are a micro business owner who deeply cares about people and planet as well as profit.

 We will look at exploring trust management that empowers staff to act from their own talents and initiatives, conscious manufacture and sustainability, connecting with your audience and customers through story telling, visual narrative and compelling content, how to value and the currency of your brand, creating a happy work culture, and driving your business from a place of passion and love…

 A.S.APOTHECARY was founded by Amanda Saurin who has nurtured and grown it from the ground up to the thriving company it is today, employing 16 people with a Lewes flagship store and a successful online shop.  With wisdom and expertise to pass on, her drive, passion and enthusiasm are infectious.

 A.S APOTHECARY’s Tara Gould heads up content and helps us to tell the stories that characterise our brand and get our target audience listening. Tara has over fifteen years of experience working for both national and international businesses and can give you the tools and confidence to write authentic and engaging blog posts for your website.

Find out more about Amanda and Tara on Our People page.

The price for all three courses is £150 or you can book a place on just one and pay £55. Find out dates, times and more on the links below:

1.     How to turn what you love into a successful microbusiness (part 1) Amanda Saurin

2.     The art of story telling for your business or brand: (Part 1: writing compelling blog posts with ease) Tara Gould

3.     How to keep your micro business going past year 1 (part 2) Amanda Saurin.


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