The Tea

Status: in the mix, ready for sharing in May 2014

Through their combined wisdom Amanda Saurin and Micheal Isted are creating their first tea together. Combining the flowers of Sussex with herbs from Cyprus to create something completely fresh. The light notes in the tea are designed to create a moment of bliss whenever you need it.

The Herball was inspired by John Gerard’s 1597 Generall Historie of Plants. The Herball is dedicated to sharing and presenting ways in which we can integrate the power, beauty and joy of the plants around us into our everyday lives. The Herball is home to all things herbal and is dedicated to producing, sourcing and sharing authentic 100% plant based products all blended, packaged and bottled with integrity, love and tradition in London, England.

The Herball was created in 2012 by Michael Isted, over recent years Michael has had an intuitive calling to the plants and has a passion for introducing ways in which people can invigorate and revitalise life through the power of plants. Michael’s background of consulting and creating beverage concepts for the luxury hotel, restaurant and spa sector whilst studying Herbal Medicine enables him to introduce and show people dynamic ways in which they can integrate and utilise the herbs.

“London and England has such a rich history and tradition for utilising herbs for almost everything whether it be medicine, health, aroma, taste, relaxation, beauty or pleasure. We are surrounded by such beautiful and majestic herbs even in our urban environments, The Herball has been created to celebrate these herbs enabling us to re-connect with our surroundings and ourselves”.